Supercomputing Performance, at Your Desk

DGX Station™ brings the incredible performance of an AI supercomputer in a workstation form factor that takes advantage of innovative engineering and a water-cooled system that runs whisper-quiet. The NVIDIA DGX Station packs 500 teraFLOPS of performance, with the first and only workstation built on four NVIDIA Tesla® V100 accelerators, including innovations like next generation NVLink™ and new Tensor Core architecture.

This groundbreaking solution offers:

  • 72X the performance for deep learning training, compared with CPU-based server
  • 100X in speed-up on large data set analysis, compared with a 20 node Spark server cluster
  • 5X increase in bandwidth compared to PCIe with NVIDIA NVLink technology
  • Maximized versatility with deep learning training and over 30,000 images/second inference

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