Most cyber security companies want to tell you all of the things you should be worried about. At GreyNoise Intelligence, we tell you all of the things not to be worried about. Think of us as “anti-threat intelligence”. Security analysts review countless events every day. Without a baseline of expected traffic that every Internet-connected device sees, you have to assume that everything hitting your network is aimed at your organization specifically, but that’s not the case. There are bots, crawlers, worms, search engines, and other devices constantly scanning and probing every machine connected to the Internet, and the difference between a compromise from a targeted attacker and some kid in his basement building a botnet to mine Bitcoin can be a seven-figure incident response check. At GreyNoise, we collect and analyze untargeted, widespread, and opportunistic scan and attack activity that reaches every server directly connected to the Internet. Mass scanners (such as Shodan and Censys), search engines, bots, worms, and crawlers generate logs and events omnidirectionally on every IP address in the IPv4 space. GreyNoise gives you the ability to filter this useless noise out. Check out an experimental front end here, or query our alpha API free of charge here. Product updates and announcements are regularly posted on Twitter. For commercial licensing information, reach out to us via email here or via our contact page.

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