New Scale Technologies

The New Scale team creates and manufactures miniature motion systems that make our customers more competitive. We make small, precise, and smart motion modules that embed drive, control, and digital communications inside.

Our customers benefit from dramatically simplified integration, enhanced performance, and accelerated deployment, especially for OEM products, robotic automation, IoT and I4.0 applications. Our products are used by organizations that make medical instruments, smart phone cameras, extended reality devices, neural recording measurements, and automated metrology tools.

Our skilled staff has decades of experience inventing and producing micro mechatronic systems that integrate precision mechanisms, microelectronics, and plug-and-play software.

M3-LS Linear Micro Stages

Linear piezoelectric “smart stages” have embedded drive electronics for smallest size and fast integration into handheld and portable instruments.

M3-LS Linear Micro Stages

Tiny, precision focus modules enable smaller instruments. Piezo motors and 3 VDC controllers are integrated into compact lens holders.

M3-RS Rotary Micro Stages

Rotary smart stages with integrated closed-loop control deliver precision embedded motion such as beam steering in compact instruments..

M3-L Linear Actuators

Smart linear actuators have integrated piezo motors and closed-loop controllers to push or pull light objects.

New Scale Technologies (NST)

Embedded Motion Modules Make Great Products Smaller

Founded in 2002, NST develops, licenses and manufactures standard and customized embedded motion modules that fit on your fingertips. These include rotary and linear smart stages that incorporate our patented and proprietary technologies: SQUIGGLE® and UTAF piezoelectric ultrasonic motors, position sensors, precision bearings, drive and control circuits, and microprocessors with closed-loop firmware that connect to New Scale Pathway® PC software.

Our M3 micro mechatronic modules require only battery power and high-level digital commands to produce sub-micrometer precision movements. M3 smart stages are easy for customers to integrate into wearable, handheld, portable and battery-powered products to move very small optics, produce haptic feedback, and miniaturize complex instruments. For example, we use our M3 stages to create our multi-probe manipulator (MPM) system for electrophysiology.


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